Special Religious Education (SRE) is the opportunity for local Christian churches to nominate representatives (SRE teachers) to go into their local state school and teach about their distinctive beliefs and practices. All students are welcome to attend SRE classes.

For RACE, SRE is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore questions about meaning and purpose from a Christian perspective. Our classes provide opportunity for students to engage with the truth claims of the Bible and reflect on how those truths relate to their lives.

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Find out more about RACE, view our curriculum or watch this inspiring storing below of how one man's life was changed forever because of his scripture teacher:

Year 7 scripture showed me that God wanted a relationship with me, not for me to just follow a list of rules. He actually loved and cared for me!
God used a scripture lesson to help me understand the gospel.
Scripture classes convinced me that the resurrection of Jesus was the most rational explanation for the empty tomb of Jesus.

The video below explores how SRE can equip students for the challenging landscape they live in and highlights the impact that SRE has on the faith journey of students.