RACE exists to help young people run the race of faith.
We aim to provide an excellent Christian SRE* program in Ryde Secondary College.

Our vision is to provide a safe space for students to engage with the truths of the Bible and to help them apply it in their own faith journey.

Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us, looking to Jesus, the source and perfecter of faith
— Hebrews 12:1-2

RACE stands for Ryde Area Christian Education but it also conveys the biblical concept that life is like a running race. We believe that, in the race of life, faith is key and that Jesus is the source and perfecter of true faith.

RACE is a sub-committee of Generate Ministries and as such we uphold their statements of faith and seek the same values:

  • be dependent on God, prayerful and faithful, looking for God-honouring results

  • work in cooperation with the local Christian community

  • respect and act with integrity towards the government, schools, parents and other caregivers and their children

  • humbly provide a trustworthy and reliable service with integrity

  • model courageous, entrepreneurial, servant-hearted leadership

Our goal is to provide a program that allows every student access, in a peer group-learning context, to:

  • The opportunity to engage with the Bible from a Christian perspective

  • The opportunity to apply Christian faith to their lives

  • The opportunity to translate their learning into active expression^

We aim to achieve these goals through:

  • High quality scripture lessons based upon biblical teaching, structured through the Think Faith curriculum and taught in a way that connects the relevance of the Bible’s teaching to students' lives

  • Facilitating a peer group-learning context of mutual respect and encouragement

  • Providing access to information about Christian lunch time groups and local church youth groups

If you share our vision for this Christian ministry would you consider praying for us and donating generously to enable RACE to pursue this vision under God?