RACE, begun by the vision of the local minister's fraternal, has been supporting scripture in Ryde for over 30 years. Originally called MICC - Macquarie Inter-Church Council, we became known as MCCCEB - Macquaire Combined Churches Christian Education Board for many years. MCCCEB was comprised of over a dozen churches which provided countless hours of volunteer time, prayer, finances and more. Notably, Geoff Young served faithfully for many years as chairman of the board. Also John Collier, as SRE coordinator. Likewise, both Peter Bliss & Philip Bickerstaff have been generously serving in their roles of secretary and treasurer respectively for many years and continue to serve in this way.

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In 2014 MCCCEB enlisted the help of Generate Ministries to continue their vital ministry and we became known as RACE (Ryde Area Christian Education) - a sub-committee of Generate Ministries. RACE exists to continue carrying the flame started over 30 years ago and seeks build upon the legacy of its early years as MCCCEB into the next generation.

We praise God for the way He has used the generous efforts of His people to impact countless lives as a result of MCCCEB and excitedly look to Him for our future years of providing Christian SRE at Ryde Secondary College. May God continue to bless this ministry and impact young lives for His glory and their joy.